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About US


Zarivar Hotel is a registered 3 star hotel and is about to be recognized as 4 star hotel by I.C.H.T.O (Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization).

It is located in town of Marivan in Kordastan province of IRAN.

It is the region beautiful hotel, which has direct view to ZARIVAR lake. ZARIVAR Lake is very much famous for its beautiful nature.

Town of Marivan is very close to ORAMUN village, which has worldwide reputation for its beautiful nature and exceptional Architectural character.

Marivan is also about 15 Kilometers distance from “Bashmagh“ Customs in the border with IRAQ Kordastan region.  Because of that, Marian is a plot for shopping opportunities. 

The hotel is built up in 4000 m2 (approx.) land and has 45 rooms and suites which can accommodate 120 people. Internet service is available for the guests as well and its restaurant is organized for hosting 300 people. In its shop the regions “Handcraft goods” are offered and its open spaced car park welcomes passengers whom travel by car.

Travelling to /or from Marivan

Travelling by Air : Only from Tehran to Sanandaj and vice versa. (Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdistan province).

Travelling by Road from   Sanandaj to Marivan  ; distane in between is  126 Kilometers. 

For reservation please contact: Phone No. 0098 - 21 - 88979615

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